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About Us

About Us

A good life is a relaxed life. Massage therapy is our tool.

Tired, stressed and worn out, it's too commonly mentioned for it to be considered a one-off in our society. Relaxation is key to delivering our best work, enjoying each day and living our best life. We believe every Aussie deserves professional massage tools they can use whenever they want and wherever they are.

We're an Australian company through and through, shipping all your new massage appliances right from Sydney. We strive to provide the best experience for every customer that comes through our (virtual) doors by promising:

  • A curated range of the highest-quality and most effective sleep products.

  • Top customer service, backed by hundreds of 5-star reviews.

  • 24-48 hours dispatch, so you get your order quick.

  • 12 months warranty, to ensure peace of mind with every purchase.

Massage Appliances weaves three core principles into everything we do:



If you wanted to go to a massage therapist, you would. What makes our appliances so unique is the ability to take them anywhere, anytime. Our portable massage tools are rechargeable and ready to move with you.



Every appliance we sell should exceed your expectations and last long enough for you to enjoy without compromise. Every relaxation-inducing product we sell is fit for purpose, crafted and sourced with the utmost purpose and excellence in mind.



Our massage appliances are designed to brighten up your world. They're ergonomically designed with a focus on effective compression therapy. Promote circulation and muscle relaxation so you can perform at your best.

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